Saturday, July 20, 2002

Maaargh, just woken up ... it's 3.30 this afternoon, and I feel like this...

Ooooh, I've just found some poppers..
aaaaaaaaand stretch!

Hemlock Bones.
so cute, it hurts.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

If you've just stumbled upon this glorious blog, I suggest you get here at 1 o'clock tonight
Agent Vulga. On the weeeeels of steeeel. he good.
more drink tonight, woo!
did this in 93..

this is a blown up version of an a4 pic that looked like this..

I don't know why, I just remember... Remember that they want to be in here...
Glis came to Pizza Mansions last night, woo and yay!
Much beer, Pie and kebab were consumed and drawings drawn, hoozah!
worse for wear now because of it, this is how the evening started..

as a request from Koit, as proof of Glis' visit, and progressed to not being able to photoshop properly:

I love the summertime :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Now let's take a look at your work in the allergy...
Make it to your local booth

Make your vote count.

Woo and Yay, nearly finished my site... Clicky woo!
Dunno, its late

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Woo for Pickle's our new Blog.
Have a coo
well, wickedy wickedy wa. now there are 4.
Si, Vulga, Vixta and me. we rock.
Howdy doody do, this is my first post on a blog, hurrah! Maybe the first of many!!

this is 4 friends, created by me. (left 2 right) B3rt, W.B., Big Bob Bee and Greenbear.
and I actually managed to animate the little fuckers too! woo! if you care, you can see them here, if you like
hurrah for the Victorians...

they knew how to have fun.
He mostly comes out at night, mostly...

Woo and Yay to The Pickle!
Big thanks to Agent Vulga for the hints and tips. Top geezer.

Welcome to the pickledpizza blog.
All new and ready to roll.
Keep returning for fun pics and mad humour.
I'm always a few cans short of a case of Stella. You know what to expect.